Brave Ski Mom Review

This is what happens when we go skiing. We take the skis out of the rocket box and…

a) if I’m in charge, I lean them against the car. I don’t like to put them on the ground where there is rocky, dirty snow. I also worry about someone parking next to us and running them over.

b) if my husband’s in charge, he put them on the ground. He doesn’t worry about the edges or the skis getting run over. He worries about scratching the car.

We don’t have arguments about this. We just do things differently. Or rather, we used to. Now we have a Ski Bumper.

Here’s how it works: The Ski Bumper is a 26″ long piece of thick polyurethane with ridges every inch on one side and a magnetic strip on the other side. To use it, stick it the side or rear of your car and lean your skis (or snowboards) against it. They’ll stay in place and your car will remain scratch free. When you’re done, strip the Ski Bumper off and put it back in your car.

It’s that easy, although the packaging does include two caveats: 1) don’t drive with it on your car and 2) clean the area where you want to put it. If your car is super dirty, it won’t stick as well and it may leave little scratches.

I included the Ski Bumper in my annual gift guide back in December. I also gave two as gifts, and they were well appreciated. For $15 each, it’s a handy tool for all ski “commuters.”

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