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Sport Bumper, LLC

Sport Bumper was founded in September of 2011 by Bo Pitto in Vail, CO. We offer 4 products that are designed to make getting ready for your next outdoor adventure easier. The Ski Bumper is a magnetic rubber guard you put on the side your car and is a safe place you can lean your skis/snowboards so they don't fall and scratch your paint. The Sportsman Bumper is just like the Ski Bumper but is designed to hold your fishing rods, shotguns and rifles. Most recently, we came out with a metal bracket called the Bumper Bracket that can put put on anything that's NOT magnetic and still use the Sportsman Bumper. Finally, the Prep Pad is a mat you can put on the muddy or snowy ground and use it as a clean place you can change into and out of your gear.

The idea of Ski Bumper came to Bo when he had his friends up to Vail in 2011 for a ski trip. While getting ready to tackle the mountain, all four pairs of skis were leaned against his car. Unfortunately, one of his "bigger than life" friends ran into the skis, sending them crashing down the side of Bo's car, leaving horrific scratches and damaging the edges of their skis.  He thought …there's must be a solution to this…and the Ski Bumper was born!

Tired of doing the "one-legged-hop" changing into his gear in the parking lots of ski resorts and on the side of rivers, Bo decided to come out with the Prep Pad as a solution to this annoying situation. When exploring options to get the Prep Pad screen printed, he came across a similar product based in Denver called Qwickstand. Instead of competing with Qwickstand, Bo befriended the founders of the company and are currently co-marketing the product instead of competing for the niche market.

The Sportsman Bumper was created when many people Bo talked to about the Ski Bumper mentioned they could use a similar product for their fishing rods, shotguns and rifles. Bo, having broken a rod tip off in his car door before a day of fishing saw the need and pursued manufacturing of the product. It was launched in November of 2013 with the help of a successful Kickstarter champaign that raised over $8,000.

The Finally, after attending numerous trades hows and expos, many Sportsman Bumper customers we wanting to use the product on surfaces that are not magnetic. So, Bo went to the drawing board and came up with the Bumper Bracket, an accessory for the Sportsman Bumper that can be put on any surface that's not magnetic and still use the Sportsman Bumper. It can be stuck on using adhesive tape, screwed in with provided screws or even zip-tied for use on round surfaces.

Founder, Bo Pitto

Bo is an avid skier and all-around lover of everything outdoors. He has taught ski school in Vail for seven seasons and loves sharing his passion for skiing to people. After graduating from the University of Denver with a BSBA in International Business Real Estate and BA in Spanish in 2010, Bo moved to Vail, CO, where he started an online guide to the Vail Valley called ZORTreport.com.

While working on ZORTreport, Bo came up with the Ski Bumper idea and formed Sport Bumper, LLC. He has been working on Ski Bumper for the past nine months and is super stoked to bring this product to market and share it with his fellow snow enthusiasts.

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Sport Bumper, LLC
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Return/Refund Policy:
All Sport Bumper products come with a 10 year guarantee. If there is a manufactures defect we will be happy to replace the product within 30 days. You just need to send back the receipt with the product and we'll send a new one right out to you. After 30 days we will not accept returns that have been used and/or do not have a manufacturers defect. If you want to return a product for a refund, it must be within 30 days of purchase, in original packaging, unused and accompanied by a receipt. A refund for the purchase amount, minus taxes, will be made in full within 30 days.